How to evaluate your E-commerce website in 2024 ?

How to evaluate your E-commerce website in 2024 ?
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If you are here, then you know very well that e-commerce means buying/selling of goods & services over the internet. 

This means the website is your shop/ showroom/ experience centre/ product display, everything through which customers know about you. 

Just as we build physical showrooms with modern architecture to increase footfall, e-commerce needs modern & attractive design to increase customers. 

What common functions your website does?

(i) Attract customers to know about your products

(ii) Allow customers to interact with you & your company

(iii) Allow customers to make a transaction 

It is important to keep the website always active and focused on all touch points from where the customer starts its journey on your website. 

Let me give you a list of four important matrices to evaluate your e-commerce website.

Metrices to Evaluate an E-Commerce Website

(i) Evaluate the website’s visibility

(ii) Evaluate the industry indicators

(iii) Evaluate the website’s functionality

(iv) Evaluate the marketing effectiveness

Now, the question is, how will you do it? What is the process of doing it?

So let’s discuss the step by step process that you must follow to analyze your process.

E-commerce website

The website evaluation is a continuous process. You must do this time to time with different objectives to develop an overall positive impact. There are six phases in the overall process, which you can see in the above diagram. Each phase has its own importance and multiple matrices to help you make the right decision. 

Criteria to Select E-commerce Website Evaluation Metrices

To increase profits, you must evaluate the following matrices:

(i) Sales

(ii) Marketing

(iii) Operational Expenses

(iv) Input cost

To increase the customer experience, you must evaluate the following matrices:

(i) Website loading time

(ii) Product display & catalogue effectiveness 

(iii) Search engine on website

(iv) Ease of placing order

(v) Security of personal information of customers

(vi) Easy return policy

Everything depends on your business objective. 

For example, you might be making good profits but facing a lot of customer complaints, this is not a good sign in the long run and you must consider analysing customer complaints to understand out of the above-mentioned six types of customer satisfaction metrics which one has highest number of complaints. E-commerce website

A common methodology used to do this is making the Pareto chart. A Pareto chart is used to determine the focus area of improvement. Let’s take an example, 

Let’s say you categorized all the customer complaints and found the following data:

Complaint TypeNumber of Complaints
Difficult to order59
Incorrect catalogue49
Slow website loading29
Difficult to return21
Difficult product search10
Low data privacy5
E-commerce website

Now, we will draw a Pareto chart to identify the top complaints to narrow down our focus.

E-commerce website

In this chart, we can see that 34% of the complaints are related to difficulty in ordering, 62.4% of the complaints are related to difficulty in ordering and incorrect catalogue.

This means that the majority of the complaints you are receiving is due to unpleasant experience customers face while making a purchase. So, you must give the focus on evaluating purchase process. This is again a complex aspect which we will cover in another case study.

If you find it helpful, please leave your feedback and questions. I will reply back in 24 hours. 

If you like me to help you in evaluating your e-commerce website, please consider checking out my service details.

Believe me, I am doing these evaluations from the past 5 years all day 24×7. I will make significant contributions to your business. E-commerce website

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